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A member of the B vitamin group, pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, is an essential element for all life forms and plays an important role in cell and tissue activity.

Panthenol is the provitamin, or precursor, of pantothenic acid. When added to shampoo, it helps to keep the skin healthy, prevents premature hair loss and leaves it shiny and silky to the touch. Strengthens the structure of the hairs.


The skin soothing and anti-inflammatory effect of panthenol can also be linked to the strengthening of the protective lipid layer. It can be proven to reduce irritation caused by various chemicals (e.g. SLS). A very well-tolerated, skin-related active ingredient.


Soothes irritated skin and it can reduce itching.


It is able to create conditions similar to the natural lipid structure of the skin, which can greatly help the regeneration of the skin in case of any damage.


It helps restore the lipid structure and the skin's defenses, can prevent water loss and has water-binding properties.


It easily adheres to and coats the surface of the keratin, smooths the hairs and can increase the shine.