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We welcome all bottles back! 1 bottle = 100 points = 100 HUF (1 point = 1 HUF)

Send us back empty bottles and earn redeemable points.  If you buy any dog shampoo products from us, please return the packaging - whether 500ml, 1000ml or 3000ml - to us to protect our nature and we will credit the points to your profile. We will credit 100 points for each bottle size.

When ordering, you can send back any bottle by GLS courier, even several at once. 

Step 1 When ordering, select GLS delivery and write "EXCHANGE PACKAGE" in the comment. We will then include the empty courier bag in your parcel, which you can then pack and give to the courier immediately.

It is important that the courier can only give you the new parcel if you give him the empty bottles wrapped up, so please make sure you have them with you, so that you can put them in the courier bag in your parcel.

Step 2 Prepare the bottle to be returned - even more than one - so that when your new parcel arrives, it's ready to hand.

Step 3 Wait for the courier to contact you and when he or she has delivered the parcel, remove the courier bag, put the empty bottle inside and give it back to the courier to bring to us.  

Please only pack bottles with caps.


 We know you're environmentally conscious and responsible and we want to thank you for it, so for every bottle you return, we'll credit your balance with 100 points, which you can redeem for any product within 90 days of your next purchase.

 It costs you nothing, all you have to do is choose GLS delivery when you place your order, tell us in the comments that you want to return a bottle and put it in the "courier bag" in the package you ordered, sealed with a cap.

1 bottle = 100 points = 100 HUF (1 points = 1 HUF)

It's that simple. A small step for us, but a big step for our Planet!

 Thank you!