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 Urea is probably the most effective moisturiser used in cosmetic chemistry. The role of urea is to maintain healthy moisture levels within the skin. 

Urea is also a substance found in the surface layer of our skin, a natural moisturising factor.

 Water retaining

In addition to its ability to retain water molecules, urea also soothes itching. Not only does it absorb water easily, i.e. it is highly hygroscopic, but it also has a very high water content, which reduces the amount of water lost through the skin. At a molecular level, it alters the structure of amino groups and polypeptides within the skin, which is important for maintaining the moisture of delicate tissues.


Urea helps to speed up the skin's renewal process because it also has keratolytic properties, i.e. it breaks down the bonds between dead skin cells, so it participates in their breakdown and removal, thus significantly improving the skin's ability to retain water. 


It can have a local anaesthetic effect on the skin, which is very useful in reducing inflammation and cyclical inflammation, i.e. it is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin. 


Urea supports the penetration of certain skin nourishing, skin conditioning substances into the epidermis. Therefore, even skin that is significantly dehydrated can be rapidly improved with urea treatment.